Includes information about Rosemary's late husband, author / journalist / film editor Andrew Wade, and his environmental fairy story, JORELL.



Oh, I am madly excited!!! My poetry collection, SECRET LEOPARD: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS 1974-2005, has just been reissued as an ebook, via my favourite publisher Content X Design. (Thank you, Delaina and Kristin!)

You can get it for only $2.99 USD in whatever format suits you (mobi for Kindle, epub for other e-readers or pdf for your computer).

Lots of wonderful poems, if I do say so myself 
 and you won't find them on my blog!

(There are still a VERY few paperback copies left which I am now selling for $10 USD — and to Aussies $10 AUD — plus postage. You'll have to message me if you want one of them.)

Here is the link to the ebook.


A New Interview

Sherry Marr at Poets United interviewed me for Blog of the Week, and the interview has just been posted at the Poets United site. We discussed some of my poems that Sherry particularly liked; and we talked about the recent book collaboration with Jennie Fraine and Helen Patrice, THREE CYCLES OF THE MOON (see also right side-bar here).

The blog concerned is 'The Passionate Crone'.

Sherry's a good interviewer, who drew me out. Then, in the comments, one person asked such interesting questions that I practically wrote an essay in reply!

Click here to see both interview and comments.

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